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Demo Link: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/projectexplore/ProjectExplore_Demo.exe

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Project Explore is a survival game. It's a game about learning the environment, discovering hundreds of items, and your ability to adapt to any situation. Not just build a house and bunker down. A house provides you with shelter but you'll need food and weapons as well.

You will need to manage your time and resources to survive the night. You must maintain your sanity by staying near light until you reach the day time hours again.

The world is rendered in 2D with various 3D elements, such as the trees, structures, storage items, etc...

Updates, accompanied by descriptive news posts, are made to the game about twice a week.

I hope to bring something new to the game development community, I want the players to decide how the game turns out by speaking directly to the developer (myself). Not posting on some forum that I may sort through occasionally. I will be allowing people to add me on steam.

I think every player deserves a voice and the direction of the game should be based on community feedback, and ideas.

Features *(Some Features May Not Yet Be Implemented)*
- Open World
- Procedural Generation
- MASSIVE Item System (Allows Me To Add Thousands of Items)
- Expandable Terrain System
- Crafting System
- House Construction
- *Multiplayer* + *Public Server-Side Executable*
- Highly Optimized Performance And Stability (200 fps average)
- Day & Night Cycle
- *Map Editor*
- *Clothing System*
- *Mac And Linux Release*

Project Explore is being developed without a budget and so the game's art style is not final and changes may be made.

If you are interested in reading more about Project Explore or the people behind it, feel free to stop by our website!

System Requirements: http://www.seabassandgazellestudios.com/system-requirements1.html


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